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Window Shades are coverings for a window that is attached to the outside or inside used mainly for privacy and protection from sunlight, heat or cold. Shades tend to be somewhat see-through and blinds are generally made of a see-through material.

There are four main types of window shades. Cellular or honeycomb shade, pleated shades, roller shades, and roman shades.

Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades are very popular. If you look at the shade from the side, it looks like a bee hive, hince the name.. honeycomb. They come in difference sizes with several options ranging from pleated, top down, bottom up, cordless, motorized and vertiglides.

Pleated Shades are very similar to the honeycomb blinds except there is no cell or honeycomb. Typically the fabric is richer with many different textures and colors. Most of the pleated blinds are made with fabric that allows light to come in.

Roller shades are a solid piece of fabric that goes up and down on a roller. It can be spring loaded or used with the very popular cord loop system. They can have a light filtering fabric or room darkening fabric.

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